Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to do the hiring?

Yes, it’s the franchisee’s responsibility to do the hiring of their staff. But we will provide hiring guidelines (requirements and interview questions) and collaterals that you can post online.

Staff requirements:

For Counters: 3 baristas, 1 store manager

For Carts & Kiosks: 2 baristas, 1 store manager

Do I need to buy all supplies from you?

All supplies should be purchased from the Franchisor to ensure uniformity and consistent quality of all products in all franchises. You will be given a list of ingredients that may be bought from other accredited suppliers, if the need arises.

Do I need to look for a location myself? What if I don’t have a prospect location yet?

The Franchisee should have a prospect location in mind when applying for a franchise. All locations are subject for approval of the Franchisor.

We can secure a location for youfor a processing fee of Php 10,000 within Metro Manila or Php 20,000 for provincial areas.

How long is the franchise term? When can I renew my franchise?

The franchise term is three (3) years. You can renew your franchise for one (1) year for a fee of Php 40,000 for the counter and Php 25,000 for the cart and kiosk.

Is training included in the package?

Yes, training fees are already included in the total package amount.There will be a Managing Director Training and Staff Training.

What is included in the menu of a franchised store?

For Counters: Milkshakes, Soft-Serve Ice Cream, French Toast Cubes

For Carts &Kiosks: Soft-serve Ice Cream

Both models have the Craft-Your-Own Soft-Serve Ice Cream where customers can choose their ownCrust, Nummies and Drizzle.

Who will do the store design and construction?

We have accredited designers and contractors because we want all stores to be cohesive in design and make.

Will I get an initial inventory?

Yes, you will get an initial inventory before store opening good for about a week.

Will I have an exclusive area for my franchise?

Exclusive area will be the mall where your store will be placed. You can also apply for a master franchise in your area.